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The Most Haunted Places in Indonesia

In Indonesia is a country that is very strong culture and tradition it has. In addition the country Indonesia also has a natural beauty and a wide variety of tourist attractions that you can visit. From the start of culinary tourism, travel to the mystical nature. To travel the latter is indeed sound very mystical travel anah, but it is the truth. Indonesia itself there was indeed a tourist destination that many mystical invite curiosity of everyone. Well this time we will discuss about the most haunted place in Indonesia that you can visit. Haunted places in Indonesia itself is very diverse, ranging from the form of buildings, cemeteries, complex, schools and many others. All these places are usually smooth mashluk watchman who each have backgrounds different and certainly very creepy. Already curious to know the most haunted place in Indonesia that? Immediately, note the following review!

Here's Some Places Questionnaire in Indonesia
Rumah Pondok Indah, Jakarta
The first most haunted place is a beautiful cottage home is located exactly in the way Metro, Jakarta. According to a story's beginning into a haunted house that originally used the house inhabited by seven foreign nationals who then robbed the house and all its occupants were killed. From that since the house became very austere and no one dares to inhabit the house after the incident. Many people who often see an apparition in the house. Not only that there may be a bizarre incident that came from the house like the sound of screams, cries and other strange noises. Even many people who say that the house has now been called is the kingdom of Satan. So famous keangkerannya beautiful cottage home was made in the flim and when the house has been in the break.

Goa Netherlands and Japan
The second place is haunted cave Dutch and Japanese. If you pass in the forest park on the highway Ir, Juanda, Dago Pakar there is a cave, Dutch and Japanese. Cave contained in the forest is a former on tahanana and the torture of romusha on the job. Creepy than this place is often heard screaming and crying in the cave. For the visitors the cave is prohibited to pronounce the word "pepper" because according to the story may offend the inhabitants of the cave. If you still do normally there would be horrific incident like trance or see a vision that is certainly creepy and scare everyone when he saw it.

Lawang Sewu
The place is haunted when sewu mace, hearing the name of the terbesit temoat etrsebut definitely in your mind is a building that has a thousand doors. It is true in sewu mace is a building that has a thousand doors. The building is haunted places in Semarang. According to history sewu mace is the headquarters for the Japanese army and serve as the murder of the Dutch and the natives who do not follow the orders of Japanese soldiers. So because of that mace sewu be building a very austere and often ghost sightings and noni Dutch soldiers.

Well that bebebrapa haunted places in Indosia that you can visit.
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